About us and tyre recycling

We began our tyre recycling initiative in 2016 as a solution to a huge waste tyre disposal problem, with this came a new opportunity to produce and supply rubber shred to the equestrian community, which has now become a great part of our family run business.

Through customer referrals we’ve made some great new contacts and friends along the way and this has become a rewarding and enjoyable learning adventure, taking us outside of our natural business boundaries.

Living in Devon – such a rural part of England we appreciate our amazing countryside and by recycling every end of life tyre we handle, we feel we are giving something back to our environment, saving the environment one tyre at a time, by making a toxic waste problem into a multi-purpose product people can benefit from. It is our responsibility to ensure that end of life tyres are disposed of correctly and we’re confident as we evolve our processes that every part of each tyre is recycled in the most sustainable way possible.

Our tyre recycling process involves the initial removal of the major elements of reinforcement wire found within tyres prior to shredding, the next process involves two huge magnets which draw out any remaining fine wire as the rubber passes through the machinery to give us an almost 99% wire free safe product.

The newly chipped rubber, now 15-20mm in size, is either bagged for collection or stored loose in the recycling storage area ready to be delivered

We can arrange delivery through local hauliers or rubber can be collected – whichever suits you best.

Simply contact us with your requirements, size of the area you wish to cover and we’ll arrange a full quote for a rubber surface, tailored to your individual needs. It is so simple! Loose & bagged rubber prices.